By Jonathan Chapman

Copyright © Doors of Rema. All rights reserved.

Additional Thanks To:

  • Connie Kent - Beta Reading and Line Editing
  • Evelyn Harrison - Beta Reader
  • Crystal Schneider - Alpha and Beta Reader
  • Sarah and Jon Bengtson - Alpha Readers
  • Megeen Gillette - Alpha Reader
  • Andy Mills - Alpha Reader
  • Bart Sheppard - Alpha Reader
  • Brent Whiting - Alpha Reader
  • Lu Ann Frisch - Additional Support

Artwork: Brian Burton

Brian is an experienced graphics professional with a keen eye for detail and design. His style and technical mastery made him an ideal partner for The Doors of Rema. He and Jonathan have been friends since high school, and it has long been their intent to collaborate on a project. He lives in St. Paul Minnesota with his wife. There are unconfirmed reports that he shifts his form into a wolf at every full moon.

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Editor: Natalie Parker-Lawrence

Natalie earned her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans in 2010. She has multiple essay publications to her name with appearances in Slice Of Life Magazine and The Palimpsest Journal. Her numerous stage productions include A Box of Yellow Stars and Postcards From Memphis. She brought her skills to the Doors of Rema project in early 2015, to Jonathan’s tremendous gratitude. Natalie lives with her husband in midtown Memphis where her daughter, five stepsons, four daughters-in- law, and three grandchildren come and go.

Author: Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan is an avid fan of urban fantasy and science fiction, who writes in his spare time for the enjoyment of crafting stories and sharing them with others. The Doors of Rema was a pet project for many years before it gained enough interest and support for him to pursue self-publication. He lives in North Liberty, Iowa, with his wife, daughters, and dogs. He doesn't like mushrooms, even on pizza.