By Jonathan Chapman

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  • Aventine Tower : An inverted spire that hangs above the spiral. The white granite structure looms over the city as a bastion of Reman power.
  • Conclave : A circle of sages who measure their might according to the size of their arsenal of keys. Stymied by protocol and convention, their age of glory has started to fade.
  • The Citadel : Warriors and armored knights who hone their magic to slay the demons that skulk in the darkest reaches.
  • Bingabine : The sprawl of shanty houses where wild prodigies and Reman children roam.
  • The Lupa : Sorceresses and oracles, a cult of scarlet women who steal memories and dreams from their prey. Once hunted as witches, they are now marginalized by the Conclave.
  • Shadow-Walker Circle : The haven of warlocks and wieldiers of primal magic. Many have abandoned the network of doors to instead slide through the shadows. Dangerous and lawless, the occupants of the Circle are stained by the stigma of necromancy.

Sample Chapters

Rema spawns a host of monsters. Imps and goblins skitter in the tunnels as trolls swim through stone. Faceless flesh golumns shamble in the pits and hulking titans sleep in the depths. Most deadly of all is the Demonshade, the ancient nemesis of the Reman race. A shape shifting parasite, it passes stealthily from one host to the next. The Demonshade bows only to the fabled Shadowyrm, an all-devouring dragon stirring deep beneath the world.
  • Y : A seasoned magus who carries himself with a swagger and a smile. A man marked since birth, bearing a ring of keys without rival, with a curious addiction of stealing other people's memories and enshrining them within his collection of trinkets
  • Delilah Kasparo : A child oracle, raised in poverty, falsely accused and imprisoned. She is the only seer in all of Rema with the talent to track the Demonshade’s movements
  • Donnovan Kel : A veteran sorcerer-soldier, among the last demon hunters of the Order of St George. Mentor to Y, resigned his position of power quiet retirement of study, now drawn back into schemes of Conclave.
  • Mama Queen : An infamous voodoo priestess. An old recluse who hasn't been seen in years, yet the power of her influence is still felt. She is the overseer of Shadow-walker Circle, the slum at the innermost coils of Rema
  • Countless More