By Jonathan Chapman

Rema is the spiral city that turns beneath our world. It is where the lost, the shattered, the forgotten places sink away to find new life. It is the domain of endless doors, the web of portals woven together by the dwindling threads of magic.

Each door is a gateway of infinite potential to any who wields the proper key. In this hidden city, monsters slip through the darkness, demons whisper in the void, leviathans swim through the abyss, and an ancient evil named The Shadowyrm stirs beneath the spiral’s coils.

Between the pit and the surface stands the Reman race, tireless sentries born from the world above. The nobility of their ancestors has faded into legend, with a legacy marked only by the wondrous structures that hang above the spiral’s chasm.

The Remans have splintered into warring factions, forgetting their true vocation: to guard the world from the Shadowyrm’s power. Blinded by their petty squabbles, the Remans are oblivious that the Demonshade, the chosen champion of the Shadowyrm, has risen again.

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The Doors of Rema is an urban fantasy saga created by Jonathan Chapman. It a fiction series delivered directly to the readers. The Doors of Rema project is self-sustaining and funded by the fans, with the ability to grow as interest grows.

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